Canine Valentines “Day at the Spa” SAVE $10!!

Heartfelt Valentine Greetings to Everyone!
     We have a very special offer here at Zoey Girl Pet Services for that very special canine friend who always UNCONDITIONALLY loves you.  This Valentines day you can treat your four legged buddy to a relaxing, look good, feel good and smell good day at the Zoey Girl Grooming Spa for $10.00 OFF of our every day price!  That’s right, your dog can come and spend some time at his/her favorite grooming salon, leisurely basking in a soapy tub, enjoying our tear-free baby shampoo facial, receiving a petacure nail filing and having his/her ears and teeth gently cleaned, while relaxing to a towel rub down massage and a blow dry!  All that pampering, followed by a Christa designer hairdo (if necessary) and a well-deserved, slumbering nap in one of our relaxation stations.  All of our Premium Extras, such as conditioner bath, flea bath, de-shed and comb, medicated shampoo, de-skunk bath, extra facial and more are available at no additional cost with the “Day at the Spa” package.  ALL THIS AND $10.00 OFF the everyday price!!  Now this is the bargain your little buddy has been waiting for.  So, give us a call to reserve your appointment today.  This offer is only good until the end of February, 2012.  ISN’T YOUR CANINE VALENTINE WORTH IT?
Look forward to hearing from you all soon!
God bless.

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