Canine Good Citizen Testing

Zoey Girl Pet Services will be offering the Canine Good Citizen Test: Thursday September 18th @ 6:30pm $10 (open to anyone but need to pre- register so we know how many dogs to expect)

The following list is the exercises your dog needs to successfully accomplish to pass the test:

* accepts a friendly stranger.

* sitting politely for petting

* accepts basic grooming techniques.

* loose leash walking.

* walking through a crowd.

* sit, down and stay in place.

* coming when called.

* reaction to another dog.

* reaction to distractions.

* supervised separation from owner.

If you are planning on taking the test PLEASE practice the above skills with your dog to SET HIM UP FOR SUCCESS!


The CGC test is the first step to take if you are planning on having your dog become a therapy dog. They need to pass this test in order to move on to the therapy dog test.


It is also a good test to take because it comes with a certificate that says he passed a test for being a good dog and you could show this certificate to your landlord and homeowners insurance and it usually makes a difference with them.

Contact Christa at 203-606-9220 to pre register
Testing will be held at Zoey Girl Pet Services
185 Boston Post Rd Orange, CT 06477

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