Hi, my name is Christa Parady, I am the owner of Zoey Girl Pet Services.  I started out by just pet sitting for my friends and neighbors while in High School.  I also worked at Milford Dog Grooming as a groomer and trainer.

I adopted Zoey my senior year of High School.  After training her I realized I really wanted to train dogs, so other people can enjoy their dogs as much as I enjoy Zoey Girl as a well trained dog.

I started to become more involved with the grooming as well and developed a love for doing it as well.

I love seeing how a dog can not only be trained but groomed and pampered to make them look and feel good about themselves.  I enjoyed watching the owners show off their good looking, groomed dogs too!

After graduating from high school I decided to attend Animal Behavior College to further my education.  While attending school, I started to make my business more official – advertising not only for pet sitting, but grooming and training as well.

I’ve been in business now since 2005, I love the pets I encounter every day!

Please contact me if you would like to see my resume and references.