Dear Channel 12 News –

I would like to nominate Christa Parady for our hometown hero in Milford, CT. Christa placed our three dogs to loving families due to a acute decrease in my husband’s health.

Initially we thought the dogs would be good company for him but they were adding to his illness.

My husband had become increasing ill due complications of chronic lung illness and a compromised immune system.

When I contacted Christa, a local dog caregiver and groomer, she went to work immediately calling all her friends, church members, and creating flyers to be placed at her vet and local dog pound.

We did not want to place our dogs in rescue and leave them in a pen until they we adopted. Christa offered to foster all three dogs at her house until they were placed.

When interested parties contacted her, she would screen them to ensure they would be a good candidate for our pets. Then she set up a meeting at her house for our puppies to meet their potential new family and offered training and walking services for free to help the puppies adjust in their new home.

Our 4 year old dog we had difficulty placing so she “fostered” her until a good home was found.

Christa followed up with us and has provided feedback as to how our pets were doing with their new families.

She did all this for $0 charge because she had the best interest of the dogs and my husband’s health in mind.

As difficult as it was to place our 3 dogs, Christa made no judgments as to why we needed to place our pets. She understood we had a sudden change in my husband’s health and an immediate need to place our pets.


Jean Cronan

When I was looking for someone to walk my dogs I knew that person would have to be skilled with dogs. My lab mix has behavioral issues that require knowledge and patience to handle. In Christa, I found the PERFECT person to look after my dogs. She is a skilled professional. Being a trainer and a groomer, she is extremely knowledgeable, confident, patient, and just fabulous! I trust her completely and my girls love her!

I HIGHLY recommend her services for any of your pet needs–walking, sitting, grooming, or training.

I have been extremely pleased to have used Zoey Girl Pet Services over the last five years. Not only is Christa dedicated and conscientious, but she is also very caring and kind to all of my animals. She has taken care of my various animals while they were young and as they now age. Christa is just as adept at taking care of my now geriatric dog who needs medication, special handling and lots of understanding as she was of frisky pups and kittens. I never have to worry when I have to leave town, whether it’s planned or in an emergency, as Christa is always there to take care of things at home. I can leave with peace of mind and the knowledge that my pets at home are in good hands.

Pat Del Vecchio, Milford, CT

Roscoe my 2yr old Shepherd/Husky mix has been going to Zoey Girl & Christa Parady since he was 6months old. We first met Christa at puppy class. Christa’s training classes were informative & fun. Christa taught me how to be a good owner & showed me how to work with Roscoe to provide him with a loving environment. The classes were fun with lots of games for us to play together. Christa is also Roscoe’s groomer. Roscoe doesn’t like to have his nails cut & gets a little upset when I had the Vet do it. I brought him to Christa & she immediately set him at ease. He sits & gives her kisses while she does his nails.


Christa & Zoey Girl are wonderful. I wouldn’t trust my baby with just anyone. If you are looking for a carrying person to take care of that special four legged friend Zoey Girl is for you. Both Roscoe & I love her to death.

Barb/Roscoe, Milford CT



Christa has taken care of our dogs for approx 3 1/2 years and is a very dependable and realiable dogsitter and groomer. She treats them like her own and they absolutely love her. I have needed her for emergencies and she has always been there. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a dogwalker, dogsitter, or groomer.

Susan M.

Zoey Girl Pet Services thank you for the care you have given to Max. Knowing he is being cared for so well, allows us to relax and enjoy our trip! – Judie Shephard